Why Ceramic Anchors Vital for Concrete –

With some designs, you can find at least a dozen failing modes for each connection. Everyone must understand all the failure modes as well as the stress cone in the event of overcoming these stress. This applies regardless of how the anchor was placed in location or post-installed. The majority of times, the stresses are the result of extreme temperature or weights that are beyond the capacities of the load-bearing elements used.

Ceramic anchors are an excellent solution to these issues. When choosing to use a ceramic anchor instead of some of the standard anchor types, you have an advantage in terms of higher capacity for temperature as well as greater load capacity because of the additional surface area in close contact with the surrounding material. In case you’ve found you in a position in which traditional metal anchors cannot be used due to extreme temperatures, weight exceeding the capacity of the anchors, or perhaps heavy linings, then a ceramic anchor could make the most sense.


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